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80 Day Obsession Day 33

Day 33 Cardio Flow

Today was an AWESOME DAY! The Thacker Tribe came to visit! Our kiddos hadn’t seen each other in 4ish years! What a GREAT Day!

My workout don’t start until 4:30ish, I used double bands for every move that required bands. NOT because I have gotten that much stronger but because between the exhaustion of pulling off one and keeping the other on and flat and keeping up with Autumn today, who was like the freaking road runner, I decided I would rather “workout die” than take them off!

My parents stopped by so, I had to take take a 15 Minute pause break. I won’t lie, when I went back down, the thought did cross my mind to just call it! But, I did NOT come this far to ONLY a one this far! I committed to giving 💯 and I am going to continue to do that!

The Nutrition:

Super proud of keeping my nutrition and workout on point!


I really am loving leg day! It was hard but I did it! Nutrition was good today and I am looking forward to refeed day!!

I am committed to following the plan as written. I have finished with Day 33 and I am all in for Day 34 through 80!


80 Day Obsession Day 26

Day 26 is Cardio Flow

Today was a great day. I woke up ready to get going! My RA was bad so I did go to the tanning bed. That actually feels great on my joints. I also got all Zephans birthday shopping done. GO ME! Kinley spent 3 hours at her grandparents, which Never happens! I also worked on my upholstery project!

I did my workout right before dinner and we shall say, I hope I never see Cardio Flow again….until next round!

The Nutrition:

My nutrition was good today if not a little odd. I’m super choosy about what my carbs are sooo I have started making a habit of taking my turkey slices and using those as the bread and stuffing it with my spinach. Easy green done!

I almost had a major gross gap this morning because I started blending my shake with water, coconut milk, collagen, creatine and spinach….forgot to put my Superfood Shake in!

The ENDGAME: Today was a great day. I worked hard, I had some pampering and I stayed on track!

I am committed to following the plan as written. I have finished with Day 26 and I am all in for Day 26 through 80!

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80 Day Obsession Day 23

Day 25 is Cardio Core

Soooo I’m not gonna lie, I forgot to wrote this one. I feel fairly certain it was a great day and I was super happy to see Cardio Core go!

The Nutrition:

My nutrition was awesome! (I’m guessing but I have given it 💯 every day!

The ENDGAME: I am sure it was good day!

I am committed to following the plan as written. I have finished with Day 23 and I am all in for Day 23 through 80!


Raspberry Celebration

When is a treat not a cheat?

When it’s THIS bowl of amazing goodness!

Now, while it’s not a Pinterest worthy photo, it was what I had for dessert after lunch! That’s right, I had dessert after lunch!

Want to know a secret? I have dessert 3 or 4 times a day and it’s ALL GOOD with my meal plan.

My biggest FEAR (I said it, fear, I had total food fear) with starting on the 80 day obsession, was the food. Not being able to eat it all, not having any cheat or treat days!

I have a birthday, anniversary and like 3 kids birthdays during this 80 Days! I was really thinking, how will I do it?

💯 truth, In the last 3 weeks, the kids have had cake, gluten free cookies and chocolate chip muffins and MM’S! Not only have I not even licked the knife or grabbed a crumb off the counter, I have not missed it because of treats like these!

I use the container system so I will put the recipe using that!

1 red Organic Greek Yogurt

1/2 Purple fresh or these are freeze dried raspberries (sugar content was exactly the same)

1 blue shredded unsweetened coconut

1 sprinkle of Flavor Gods Chocolate Donut! (Amazing)

I also love this with pears, strawberries, blueberries or peanut butter and banana!


80 Day Obsession Day 15

Day 14 is REST DAY

Day 15 is Total Body Core:

I woke up still a bit inflamed but just amazed at the sleep I am getting! My insomnia that was a frequent visitor, even when Kinley did sleep in her bed has pretty much vanished! I am gaining so much more energy and focus! Today’s workout was 3×10’s and I feel certain, these are my favorite!

The Food:

I tried no eggs today, I may work with some elimination to see what is causing the inflammation. It could just be the increased exercise load has caused my body to be like WHAT?!?! My nutrition was on point!

The ENDGAME: Today, was awesome! Although, apparently all the nutrition and water, has opened the floodgates because my day pretty much looked like.

Meal prep, eat, pee, repeat…..

I am committed to following the plan as written. I have finished with Day 15 and I am all in for Day 16 through 80!