80 Day Obsession

80 Day Obsession Day 35

Day 35 Was Refeed Day…and there was a workout too…

Today was Total Body Core and refeed day. Which I was excited about….until it happened! As a recovering treat-a-holic, I was excited about refeed day! I made all the things, peanut butter balls, brownies, double chocolate cookies. (all from Fixate) I could NOT wait for treats! I will just say, my body is in shock!

My workout was super hard, partly because Zephan “hung out with me” I don’t remember how long that workout should have been but it took me 69 Minutes, I had to workout outside when he was out there because he “needed me” inside, outside, he also fixates and talks a lot! Not a good combo when one is working out! He will not stop asking a question or telling you something until you acknowledge him, which when you can’t breathe and you’re dying, makes talking difficult!

By 4pm I was laying on my office chair!

By dinner, my head was on the table!

The Nutrition:

I am however, super proud of keeping my nutrition on point and following the plan 💯! I will not lie though, when it got to the last meal and I finished, I expected confetti and balloons to fall out of the ceiling like I had just won the super bowl! (It didn’t)

I’ve learned that I don’t need a bunch of treats! I’ve learned my body may not love chocolate as much as my taste buds and my head do!

I will try some different “dirty yellows” next time!

I am excited to see how I will feel tomorrow! If the high glycemic foods to replenish will give me more energy tomorrow.


I am proud of myself! It was hard but I did it! I am committed to following the plan as written. I have finished with Day 33 and I am all in for Day 35 through 80!

80 Day Obsession

80 Day Obsession Day 34

Day 34 Cardio CORE
Because… Birthday activities all day my workout was tonight…but no BOD. I almost cried, someone told me to take the day off!
Thank you SOOOOO MUCH Greta Goddard for the blog post detailing every round! I did 15 each 3 x (hoping that was right) I forgot to look for that part 😬
Anyway, I lit some candles in my gym and handles it! Old school style!
The Nutrition:
Super proud of keeping my nutrition and workout on point! I ate out for my birthday lunch and stayed ON PLAN!
Had my birthday dinner and stayed ON POINT! Zero cheats for this girl! I’ve got goals!

Cardio Core ! It was hard but I did it!
How could I not? My kids were watching a movie right outside the gym and I was surrounded by the gifts they each bought me with their own money!
My 17 year old daughter, a mug for my crack when I don’t pixie stick it! An oil warmer for my after workout bath!
My 16 year old son, the weight rack!
My 11 year old son, eyelashes (necessary workout accessory) earrings and bath bombs!
My 9 year old son, a candle to make my gym smell pretty!
My 8 year old daughter, a clipboard notebook to track my workout progress!
My 6 year old daughter, lip gloss for my workouts and purple sparkly nail polish because purple and sparkly are her favorite!
My 6 year old son, hair ties!
My husband, the roller I have had saved in my amazon buggy because duh…Chalene said I needed one!
My mom and Dad money to get whatever else I needed for workouts and my bonus mom the sauna I posted the other day!
Best birthday ever! For those of you wondering if people are watching…they are! For those of you that don’t have support from your family, in so sorry but you have found your tribe here!
This journey is SOOOO much more than the workouts and even the nutrition! I cannot day enough how much I appreciate Autumn designing this program and I for one will not be caught complaining about the Timed nutrition, the amount of containers, or anything she asks me to do in this TEST GROUP! I may yell during the workout but I WILL DO IT!
I didn’t come this far to only come this far! No down BOD gonna hold me down!
Nutrition was EXCELLENT today and I am looking forward to refeed day TOMORROW!!
I am committed to following the plan as written. I have finished with Day 34 and I am all in for Day 34 through 80!
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80 Day Obsession Day 33

Day 33 Cardio Flow

Today was an AWESOME DAY! The Thacker Tribe came to visit! Our kiddos hadn’t seen each other in 4ish years! What a GREAT Day!

My workout don’t start until 4:30ish, I used double bands for every move that required bands. NOT because I have gotten that much stronger but because between the exhaustion of pulling off one and keeping the other on and flat and keeping up with Autumn today, who was like the freaking road runner, I decided I would rather “workout die” than take them off!

My parents stopped by so, I had to take take a 15 Minute pause break. I won’t lie, when I went back down, the thought did cross my mind to just call it! But, I did NOT come this far to ONLY a one this far! I committed to giving 💯 and I am going to continue to do that!

The Nutrition:

Super proud of keeping my nutrition and workout on point!


I really am loving leg day! It was hard but I did it! Nutrition was good today and I am looking forward to refeed day!!

I am committed to following the plan as written. I have finished with Day 33 and I am all in for Day 34 through 80!

80 Day Obsession

80 Day Obsession Rest Day

Day 32.5 Rest Day

Rest Day, also known as progress report day!!

Slow and steady is my race! I am not feeling discouraged that I’ve only lost 2 pounds, I’m seeing changes and that is totally working for me!

The Nutrition:

My nutrition, was good today and I am still adding in some juicing to help my inflammation.


I tried out my new birthday sauna after my workout and I will say, what a way to top off Rest day!!!

I am committed to following the plan as written. I have finished with Day 32.b and I am all in for Rest Day 33 through 80!

80 Day Obsession

80 Day Obsession Day 32

Day 32 Cardio Flow

I slept 9 hours last night! Whoop whoop!! Not only that, I stayed in bed until 9:30ish. I am really trying to listen to what my body needs lately and the extra rest was helpful!

And side note, I was not in a hurry to get to Cardio Flow. I am not gonna lie, I hate it. I hate inchworms and I hate the cross overs, the rest, I don’t mind. I am happy with the progress I have made and I know the workout is making me stronger but I still hate it!

The Nutrition:

My nutrition, was good today and I added back in some juicing to help my inflammation.


I did not my workout even though I did have to take a minute and press pause to give myself a little time out to regroup and get a better attitude! I came back ready to go!

I am committed to following the plan as written. I have finished with Day 32 and I am all in for Rest Day 32b through 80!

80 Day Obsession

80 Day Obsession Day 31

Day 31 AAA

I was up from 2 am yesterday until 5:30 this morning. I slept a couple of hours, so it was an incredibly LONG day.

The Nutrition:

My nutrition, was good but was a struggle. Still having some gagging with the amount of food.


I was really nervous to do the workout with the lack of sleep and I was also really sore from leg day. I’ve taken a brief break from my Recover to see if it was causing any inflammation.

All in all, what an awesome day because today was day 31. One complete month of the program!

I am committed to following the plan as written. I have finished with Day 31 and I am all in for Day 32 through 80!

A Day in My Life

Happy Zephaniah Day

Valentine’s Day…It was never that big a deal for me. I liked giving treats and I LOVE pink and sparkles but it just wasn’t a huge thing.

Now my Birthday WEEK is another story!

Back to Valentine’s Day, it just wasn’t that big a day…until it was!

Not everyone knows what Valentine’s Day is for our family, so I will take a minute to share.

I had Kinley, our 6th child on April 10, 2011. She was born a little earlier than she should have been. Her birth story, I will save for April, but I will say this, drama was involved and it left me concerned about my next pregnancy.

When I went to my Doctor, he said, yep, you’re pregnant. I should have tied your tubes last time. Now, he was normally funny and joked whenever I would come back pregnant again but I was not at all amused by his “joking” this time. As we walked out, Andy said, “What did you think of this visit?”

I said, it made me uncomfortable and I didn’t want to go back.

That afternoon I started calling OBGYN’S out of the phonebook! No LIE (kids, it was this book full of phone numbers, so cool!)

Anyway, I called several and finally landed on the perfect one. I called and said I need to ask a few questions. Number one, how does your doctor feel about multiple c-sections? Number 2, how does he feel about large families?

She said well, I think he is ok with multiple c-sections and he’s Catholic!

I was like fantastic, not sure what issues he may have but a large family won’t be one!

We made our appointment and were a bit hesitant and nervous to get again be treated with the typical reactions we were used to.

We explained what had happens with our previous birth and what our doctor said.

He said well, you are pregnant now and there is nothing you can do about that, we will do the best we can! He was calm, gracious and comforting.

I immediately knew we had found my Dr.

Now, since this was not my first rodeo, I was like listen, I have 6 kids, do I have to come every two weeks. He said “No, I trust you but there will come a time when you have to trust me.”

With this pregnancy, I had more pain with the others, I called in because it was hard for me to discern if something wasn’t right or if I was just old or my pregnancies were just so close together.

I was told to come in. I didn’t have a bag, didn’t have a baby bag, we just went in.

The big question of the morning seemed to be if I was going to be given the steroid shot to help the lungs. I was only 31 weeks and it was best to wait as long as possible.

Our doctor decided to give me the shot and then called in the high risk Dr. for my ultrasound. (I saw a high risk doctor also during the pregnancy)

I was given the choice of spending the night there in case I needed to deliver or going downtown to Centennial or Vanderbilt.

My doctor said if your baby has to be intubated, he will have to be transferred. I had been under the impression that if my baby needed the NICU this hospital was the rage NICU I would need, so I was a little taken aback.

I did NOT want to go to Centennial, Vandy has an excellent children’s hospital but I would not be able to stay with the baby.

I said, what are the chances the baby will need to be intubated?

He said “60/40”

I said which one is 60 and which one is 40?

He said “60% chance he won’t be.”

I said, we will take it.

He left to go back to the office While I had my ultrasound. It looked like there was some fluid leaking but he was going to call our Dr.

Our doctor came in around 11:30ish and said, “I told you there would come a time you would have to trust me. This is that time.”

While it is not yet an emergency, you will be having your c-section today, at 1:00.

I was prepped for a hysterectomy. Andy had to go home and grab some things, make arrangements for the children. I started to get nervous that he wouldn’t even be back in time.

We wanted to be surprised with wether it was a boy or girl but the Lord has given me the name Zephaniah. Which, I just didn’t understand at the time. Not sure why? Read Zephaniah!

He was born and he was perfect! He didn’t even have to be intubated!

He was the sweetest and the nurses said he had Rod Stewart hair! hair

Although much to the name nazis dismay, it took us three days to officially name him. Zephaniah Seven.

In the midst of Zephaniah, there is this verse

The LORD thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing.

Zephaniah has been a joy to our family since birth. He has the most joyful personality and he is always singing.

This is what I wrote on his first Birthday.

Fantastic end to a wonderful Valentines day. One year ago today at 31 weeks, we were blessed with the surprise of another son. 3 days later, we named him Zephaniah, “the Lord has protected, treasured” and what a treasure he has been. I have truly been blessed! We thank God for seeing fit to trust our family with his treasure, Zephaniah Seven! I love you son! You may be small but you will grow up to do mighty things for His kingdom!

Happy 6th Birthday to our joyful Zephaniah!

A special thank you to Dr. Sizemore for being the best Dr. EVER!

80 Day Obsession

80 Day Obsession Day 29

Day 29 was some type of freaking Core Day

Today’s workout was later in the day.

I did not get out of Bed until 8ish. Last night was very painful. My RA is really being a PITA!

I went to the tanning bed because that just really helps! Hoping to get an I fared sauna soon to see if that helps and I am going to have to start juicing some of my meals.

The workout was HARD! I could not do one of the rounds the second time around because my wrists were hurting too badly. I gave it my all and left it all on the floor! It was HARD! Did I say that? I did not die though.

The Nutrition:

My nutrition, I am sad to say was not 100%. I didn’t eat my first meal until 1:30 and I just could not get them all in. I ended up being one meal short for the day.


I did not let pain stop me. I gave my workout my all. Although I didn’t get one meal in, it’s Valentine’s Day, my “Baby’s” birthday, I bought and made homemade cake and fudge icing, I DID NOT EVEN LICK THE SPOON! I am TOTALLY calling today a win!

I am committed to following the plan as written. I have finished with Day 29 and I am all in for Day 30 through 80!