80 Day Obsession

80 Day Obsession Day 52

My flamingo cup in tribute of my trip to the zoo!

Day 52 was Cardio Hell…I mean Flow…Cardio Flow

My note to Autumn in our exclusive test group.

Dear Autumn,

When people didn’t trust this program…I did

When people questioned your meal plan…I didn’t

When people questioned the process…I said trust the process

When I felt discouraged, I still trusted the process! I trusted YOU!

Today’s Cardio Flow….a line was crossed Autumn. I am not gonna lie, you kind of put a dent in the trust circle.

I am trying hard to find the blessing in every situation, so I guess today’s would be…I no longer hate inchworms with the passion of a billion burning suns. Today, I looked forward to them because for the first time in 52 days, I actually felt like it was rest. I did have to press pause a couple times and ok, transparency moment, when Timber came on Spotify, I had to take a dance break! I did full crabs for the first time! (With my RA, I have really been careful with my wrists but today I felt strong enough) Did I call pineapples??? #nottaday Autumn! Not TADAY!



#ididnotdie #fear #less #fearless


This is the first time I have ever worked out in just a sports bra. As soon as I saw the picture, I first saw all my flaws. When I looked again, I saw strength in my legs, muscle forming and I saw me off the ground. I have not been able to jump like this since I don’t know…elementary school?! So, while this body still has lots of work to do, it’s off the ground and I call that PROGRESS! I’m marking it down for a win!

And while I did drink out of my pineapple cup, there wa no yelling pineapple for me today!

The Nutrition:

Nutrition was great, I added eggs back yesterday and I think all is good.


I have finished with Day 52 and I am all in for Day 53 through 80!


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